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Radiant Waters Healing Therapies, LLC

Reiki Flush

Reiki Flush

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A generalized large and potentially intense infusion of Reiki similar to the energy received during an Usui Reiki attunement, similarly to an intensive cleanse. The effects generally last about a week or more, but without becoming attuned to the energy source (meaning the recipient is not able to utilize Reiki themselves afterwards).

This service flushes the energy system and detoxes it of what doesn't serve your highest good, invigorates one's personal energies, and can help increase sensitivity to energies around you - though to a lesser degree than during the attunement experience. Because it is generalized, there is also no targeted healing done in the same manner as a Reiki healing session, with a class session also not needed.

This service is wonderful to get prior to attunements to help with the adjustment of the energy system and that detox process (though it is not necessary), but also can be gotten just as an occasional general system flush. If you would like the flush to have a particular focus, please put this into the notes while checking out and I will try to accommodate it. I will email you afterwards to set up a good time to do the healing. 

Please be sure to read my policies and FAQ prior to purchase. All services are distance at this time and may not be possible to do in real time (that is, similarly to an in-person healing). Services are also on a sliding scale - feel free to ask about this if you are having financial struggles, temporary or not, or are suffering from a grave illness.

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