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Radiant Waters Healing Therapies, LLC

Etheric Cord Cutting

Etheric Cord Cutting

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Etheric cords are energetic cords that attach us to people, places (in an animistic sense), and sometimes spirits. We tend to have many that are usually very healthy and harmless, without even noticing them. However, sometimes when a relationship has become toxic, the cord becomes something that pulls one back into thoughts and a feeling of continued connection to that relationship. While these cords may be strong and can even sometimes come back after a cutting, cutting it helps with healing in that it can allow for greater energetic distance between you and the toxic relationship, with a lessened feeling of connection.

This cord cutting service involves the threefold provision of an half hour energy healing session, the cord cutting of toxic cords, and further ritual ceremony using Tibetan Buddhist methods which help with the repayment of what are called “karmic debts” in that tradition - that is the gap of need (usually what is seen as needed from you) that needs to be filled as part of the process of healing toxic relationships throughout our lifetimes, which may last for lifetimes.

This service also includes a write-up of what was experienced during the healing session, and assistance with grounding and cleansing. The entire service may last up to an hour.  I will email you after you check out to set up a good time to do the healing. 

Please be sure to read my policies and FAQ prior to purchase. All services are distance at this time and may not be possible to do in real time (that is, similarly to an in-person healing). Services are also on a sliding scale - feel free to ask about this if you are having financial struggles, temporary or not, or are suffering from a grave illness.

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