Workshops and Group Sessions

On occasion, I will offer both paid and free workshops and group sessions for certain services. These workshops will be listed here on this page rather than as part of a product or service collection.

Booking will be through Practice Better, the secure platform that I use for all my services. Each payment link will either direct you first through the payment process with Square (Venmo and Paypal are payment options that are available if needed, simply email me for more information), then through the booking process, which will also ask you if you have read, understand, and agree to my policies. If the workshop or session is free, you will be directed simply to the booking process. The session itself will be held through Zoom, which won't be recorded, and a link will be sent to you after you have finished with booking. For liability purposes, I will also have you fill out a basic information form.

Want to be kept up to date on any workshops or group sessions as they become available? Please check out and follow one of the social media links at the bottom of the page!

If you have any questions, please email me at


Current Workshops and Group Sessions:

Weekly Online Meditation, Chat, and Energy Cleanse

This is a weekly half-hour meet-up on Saturdays at 10am for some activities that may include meditation practice, a potential brief energy cleansing, and overall simply getting to know each other for the purposes of building community. If you would like to offer a donation, I can send you links that you may use, though this meeting is otherwise completely free. Please be respectful and contentious to others during the meet-up (if you are rude, you will be booted), and out of respect to anyone who may share something sensitive, do not share what is discussed outside of this setting. No herbal or spiritual guidance will be given during these meet-ups, and as a disclaimer, it should be noted that I do not count myself as a professional meditation instructor (meditation guidance is based off my own experience).

Click here to book for May 14th!

If there is any trouble with the booking link, please email me, and I will help how I can!