POLICIES/LEGAL DISCLAIMER (subject to change over time) Last updated: 2/27/2021
On purchasing a service or engaging in communications with me it is with the understanding and your agreement that you have read and accepted this

•The client knows and acknowledges that I hold certification as a Reiki Master, and have the ability to practice Reiki in my state (Virginia) even without holding a massage therapy license.

•The client upon purchase and delivery of a service knows and acknowledges they have had the opportunity beforehand to ask any desired questions about the services provided, and agree to these services being as informed as possible about them.

•Third-party services are not performed without written permission via email or direct/private message from the third party confirming consent.

•No services will be given to those under 18 years of age without the signature of a parent or legal guardian, and the client’s age (and proof of age via a birthday) MUST be given to me. Attunements or empowerments however will firmly not be given to anyone under 18.

•On purchase of a service or communication with me, there is the understanding that even if these services/communications are taken seriously by myself and/or the client, services and readings performed are from a legal standpoint for spiritual/entertainment/educational/supplemental purposes only.

•I retain the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, even though I will never refuse someone based on their socioeconomic status, race, physical/mental ability, religion, or gender/sexual identity.

•No guarantees are offered on the results of services provided - including work with spirits or deities. Services provided also must not be seen as a replacement for a physical doctor or mental health professional for an issue, either for diagnosis or treatment, or as a replacement for something such as professional legal/financial advice. I make no claim to be a professional in these fields and will not give medical diagnoses or prescribe medical treatment plans.

•On purchasing a service a client also agrees to indemnify me and to legally hold me harmless. I’m not to be held responsible for decisions made on account of a service performed or for information deemed incorrect.

•Refunds of payments will not be given because of this being a small business without much ability to pay money back. If you’re unhappy with something however, let me know and I’ll happily try to work out what’ll work best for us both, and store credit will be given for your purchase.

•Payment if not through the website is typically requested via PayPal invoice unless otherwise arranged, which requires a valid PayPal email address being given, and due before the deliverance of a service unless a payment arrangement is made.

•Services must be requested over direct/private message or email, and the write-ups of services will also be delivered in PDF form through email unless it is requested to be through private message.

•Services for the time being are also ONLY done via distance work, and may or may not be performed in real time depending on client and practitioner availability.