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This is the collection of energy healing services currently available.

Reiki services involve the use of Reiki energy in order to work with and heal the energy bodies of people or animals, which translates into healing on mental, physical, and spiritual levels. The energy can also be utilized for aspects of healing connected to the energy body but outside of it, such as in relation to past lives or selves, ancestral healing, financial traumas stuck in the body, or the healing of things related to self care. I am fully attuned to/certified and can use both Usui Reiki as well as Karuna Ki Reiki.

Norse Runic Energy Healing is a healing system primarily involving the use of the Elder Futhark runes that are intuitively applied in order to work with and heal the energy body of a person or animal. Similarly to Reiki, this system works on all levels for healing - physically, mentally, and spiritually - but also gives an option for energy healing for those who are sensitive to Reiki energy while still providing powerful and deep healing. It includes a scan and description of the energy body, as well as assistance with grounding and cleansing one’s energies. This system has been studied and developed under the close mentorship of Icelandic völva Tanya Lind, in addition to the application of my nearly a decade of runic studies.

Additionally, in my healings I may use methods that are not specifically tied to one of the above methods but that I am attuned for, or methods of my own (drawing from my personal background as a spiritual practitioner and knowledge of energy work). 

These healings always include a scanning and description of the energy body, at least three or more minutes spent on each area of healing, and a cleanse of the auric field. They can be wonderful even for simple things such as the ability to cope with stress or soothing muscular aches, much like getting a massage (although please also consult a doctor for medical health issues).

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